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Aruba is a story of how a small and barren piece of land in the Caribbean has transformed herself into a magnet for humanity unlike any other. She will continue to say to all who will listen, “Come to me and bask on my shores. As small as I am, there is still room for one more plate at my table.”

I visited a man and he said to me, “Skuchami, I have things that must be said, but I live here all alone and no one listens to me. Skuchami, these are things you must tell others; if not, a part of me that was never born will die and will do so forever.


Charles Croes

Charles August Croes, II was born in New York in 1945 to parents who emigrated from Aruba. When his family moved back to Aruba during his early childhood, he never doubted this small island would be "his last stop." His love for Aruba and unique observations on life there have garnered him a sizable following of avid Aruba lovers who read his works on the Internet. Charles' work is satirical, captivating, intimate, and fun to read. He views his works as "taking notes on the incidents of life he sees." I Am Your Island
is a collection of intimate short stories inspired by the photography of Werner
J. Bertsch. Aside from the short stories, Charles is working on a novel about the discovery of Aruba with a new and
unique perspective.

Werner J. Bertsch

Whether it's photographing the landscapes and scenes of faraway places like the South Pacific or the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, Austrian-born photographer, Werner J. Bertsch, enjoys capturing nature's intense colors and light. After visiting the island of Aruba for the first time in 1984, he became fascinated with the contrast of its landscape, the diversity of its culture and the friendliness of its people. All have become some of his favorite photographic subjects, and are captured within the pages of I Am Your Island. Werner's photographs have appeared in travel books, calendars and on postcards for more than 40 years. His knowledge and love of photography are taught through a series of workshops he conducts on Aruba and in Florida.

What happens when you combine the images of award winning photographer Werner J. Bertsch with the writings of Charles Croes, a man who loves his island? The answer is the recently released book: Aruba—I Am Your Island. It is one of those rare gems featuring intimate scenes and thought provoking stories that you will treasure, and is a must for Aruba lovers.

The soft-cover book will be available at local stores and gift shops in Aruba, and at www.bluewaterislands.com.
Werner also teaches photography in Aruba and Florida.
More information at www.caribbeanphotoworkshops.com

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